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Swinging with the Stars


Saturday, 4am Ch. 21

Thursday , 2:30pm Ch. 24 (Comcast Atlanta,GA)

Picture yourself in two-tone shoes bopping to the upbeat music popularized during the best jazz and hip hop. You and your partner are enjoying the fast tempo, manageable footwork, and innumerable moves offered by swing dancing. As you dance, you settle into the strong, elastic connection characteristic of swing, with the relaxed handhold and frequent movement toward and away from your dance partner.

The relatively stationary nature of swing dancing allows you to practice on any size dance floor or, for that matter, almost any size corner of a crowded dance floor. As you practice your new skills, you're finding yourself dancing swing at more and more venues - you couldn’t have done without it at that class reunion, and at your coworker’s wedding last week you and your partner were the talk of the table. Swing out dancing is great exercise, and a great to meet people. If you want to join my group and learn where is a swing class near you, list your contact inform below.

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